Every option comes with pros and cons

We want better. We always want to get better things in life..better job, better house, better living standards etc. In the process of getting better we pursue new career options, make new life choices. And, we hope with our new choices our life will get better.

Every option comes with pros and cons

But, most of the time we forget one thing.

Every choice we make might bring some positive things into our life and also bring some new challenges.

Often times we simply ignore those new challenges and hope our life will simply get better. We should carefully consider the new problems our choices may bring and choose the option if it feels worth the trouble.

We may look at others and think “Oh this option worked for him, so it might also be a good option for me”. WRONG. Your priorities might be very different from others priorities. The same option which is great for somebody might not worth the trouble for you. So, you need to think for yourself.

Always remember Everything comes with some pros and cons.

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