Dispassionate Programmer: Chapter 01 - The reunion with an old friend

This is a short novel centered around the events happened in the life of a software developer. Some events are inspired by real life events happened either in my own life or my friends’ lives, and some are imaginary to make a point. I have taken extra measures not to share anyone’s personal matters.

Needless to say, the thought process by some characters in this novel is influenced by my own life experiences and opinions. I am not a psychologist or sociologist, and every single opinion expressed by the characters in this novel is either my understanding of the world view or the imaginary situations created to make a point.

So, take it with a pinch of salt. With that being said, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Dispassionate Programmer

Sumit: Oh my god, it’s already 6.45am. I have set up the alarm for 6am, but why didn’t I get notification. Meera, where is my phone?

Meera (Sumit’s wife): I put it in the hall. Yesterday you only said we shouldn’t keep our phones in the bedroom to minimize the screen time.

Sumit: Oh… I told Vikram that I will pick him and his wife from the railway station and I need to be there by 7.15am. I doubt I can reach the station by 7.15am. Ok, I am leaving to the station.

Meera: Okay.

I didn’t introduce myself, right. My name is Sumit, and I have been living in Hyderabad since 2005. I am working as a software engineer. My friend, Vikram, also came to Hyderabad in 2005, and we worked in the same company for a couple of years. After that he moved to Bangalore, and then I guess he went abroad for a few years and came back. After many years, again he is moving back to Hyderabad and asked me to look for a rented house and arrange the necessary transportation. He is also joining the same company I am working at present.

I won’t say he is the most pleasant and funny person to hangout with, but he is a good person. He is a bit short on diplomatic speaking skills, so sometimes he may say things that sound harsh but true. He is also a bit short-tempered. God knows, how much time he is going to shout at me for me being late.

Finally, reached the station and I can see Vikram and his wife(Sneha) waiting for me.

Sumit: Hey Vikram…after a long time man…sorry for being late, too much traffic.

Vikram: Hi Sumit, good to see you buddy.

Sumit: Hi Sneha, how are you?

Sneha: I am good, thanks.

Sumit: Okay, first let’s go to my home. You can fresh up and relax. Afternoon we will go and see the house.

We had small chit-chat on the way (mostly married couple jokes and stuff). In the afternoon we visited the rented house and also with the help of my friends, we set up the furniture and bought the groceries.

Vikram: Thank you so much Sumit for helping out. I owe you a party.

Sumit: Of course you owe me a party :-) Come on man, it’s good to see you. I am kind of being a lone ranger here in Hyderabad. Anyway, it’s already 7PM; Meera would be waiting for me, I will leave now.

Vikram: See you later.

(After reaching home)

Meera: You said he is short-tempered, blah blah blah. But he seems to be a very cool person.

Sumit: That’s a surprise to me as well. He became a bit calm now. Maybe marriage effect…hahaha.

Meera: haha, you won’t leave a single opportunity to crack a marriage joke, huh?

Next day Vikram joined the company and 3 weeks passed by. What is really surprising to me is there is a day and night difference in Vikram’s attitude. He used to be very short-tempered, don’t hesitate to speak his mind anywhere for which often people don’t like him. Luckily, he is very good at work. Once he commits to delivering something, he delivers. So, managers used to bear him despite his aggressive behavior. But if you stick with him for a while, you will understand he is a good person, just short of diplomatic speaking skills.

My wife and kid went to her hometown for a few days. I and Vikram thought of having a get-together and having some drinks.

Sumit: Vikram, finally, I got someone to hangout with. Some of our friends moved abroad, and some went back to hometown and started their own businesses. And the remaining are too afraid to ask their wife for permission to drink. So, I had no one to party.

Vikram: hahaha…too afraid to ask permission. Not everyone is lucky enough to get an understanding wife like you buddy.

Sumit: We can talk about how lucky I am later, shall I ask you something?

Vikram: hmmm..shoot.

Sumit: You have changed a lot, man. You are nothing like the old Vikram. I have been observing you in the office, in meetings, and in general. You became so calm. What happened? Is everything alright?

Vikram: Everything is fine, dude. As we grow older, we understand things and don’t get too much emotional for everything. That’s all.

Sumit: Dude, that much I can understand. But, looking at how much you change, there is gotta be more than “I grew older” reason.

Vikram: Hahaha. But you remain same as before. You want to know something, you won’t leave until you know.

Sumit: Hahaha

Vikram: There is a saying

“Nobody dies a virgin… Life fucks us all.”

That’s what happened.

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