Fun for Techies

THIS IS JUST FOR FUN, Not meant to be taken seriously

He is the one who ran “flyway:clean” on production database

ఈ అంకుల్ యే “flyway:clean” రన్ చేసింది ప్రొడక్షన్ లో

clean prod db

Next we have some Team Bonding Activities

Team Bonding Activities

When you did all the work, but manager is presenting it as “Team Work”

Team Work

When you are long enough in the software development, and you get a Production Issue pager alert

Production Issue

When you accidentally stepped into SCRUM training room

SCRUM training

Retrospectives occasionally turn into eventful


When you spent so much time impressing your boss for next salary hike and your boss left the company just before appraisal time…your colleagues are like:

నవ్వు ఆపుకుంటున్నావ్ కదా!!!

No appraisal

Cheers :-)

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